Modifications for optical sectioning

Dear colleagues,

We have cleated structured illumination microscope with optical sectioning capability utilizing OpenFlexure stages. Adding several 3D-printed components to the OpenFlexure Delta Stage is sufficient for upgrading. The STL files for 3D-printing these additional components are available from our GitHub repository.

Detailed information is available from our recent publication.



This is great work. The structured microscopy is lovely to see and the way you have done teh single-axis block stage will be useful in all sorts of other contexts.

From your paper I think you say that you modified the parts in OpenSCAD. If so it would be really useful to the community to put the OpenSCAD files in your GitHub as well as the output STLs, so that others can modify again if they need to.

Yes, certainly. They are also available now.

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Thanks for posting, and for uploading your SCAD source - I just read the paper and it looks great! Welcome to the OpenFlexure community :slight_smile:

Well done particularly on customising the block stage, it’s a really neat solution, and not that many people have customised the OpenSCAD code so far! I should definitely build one of these when I have some time.

Thanks. One of my ex-grad students did a job. He just finished his masters and now working for a company.
The original OpenFlexure stages are great, that’s why we could do a job. We really appreciate your project.


I had a go at building the single-axis z-stage.

It works well :slight_smile: