Microscope V7 vs Delta

Hello, I’m wanting to build a scope but I an completely undecided on which version I should go for… I like the sound of the delta since it seems to be more stable but it seems like it may be a bit behind the microscope’s development? Any suggestions? I’m new to all of this stuff but I love to tinker… a lot… so getting into everything imaginable is not out of the question and I want to build the flavor that best supports that.

Also, any suggestions at objectives?

I was looking at these but I’m not sure if they will work since the parfocal distance is not specified


Hi @Garvolian. You are right that the cartesian Microscope is further developed than the Delta stage microscope. The electronics and hardware are pretty much the same for both, so if you change your mind it is mainly a matter of more printing, which is not the expensive part of the build. In practice there is not a noticeable lack of stability in the cartesian version when imaging with objectives up to 100×.

A lot of people do use Amscope lenses, they should detail the parfocal distance somewhere. It might be better to get single lenses than a set, it is not easy to change objectives in the main Openflexure designs, so you will have to chose what you want to be able to see. Getting one lens would mean that you might be able to go for the next step up in lens quality.

As I have been repeating on other threads, if you are building a microscope right now I would recommend using the current master version, rather than the v7.0.0-beta1 release that is linked from the web site. I would not usually recommend a development version, but there are a large number of bug fixes and improvements since beta1, particularly for the upright version. We are approaching the next beta release so there will not be breaking changes in the current master until that beta2 is released (unless there is some mistake :slight_smile:). Edit 2024-16-5: Beta 2 is now released, so this no longer applies.

Hello, @WilliamW! Thank you very much for the reply. In that case, I believe I will print the suggested master release of the microscope. Any advantages of going with the upright model? …You’ve already answered this question it seems! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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Hi @WilliamW, I am curious to know what the differences are between the versions. I have been using the v7.0.0-beta1-instructions last 6 months now and did not know that a master version even existed. With the v7.0.0-beta1 I need to use your suggested modifications to the stand and drawer, for pi4 sanga stack, so I agree that it is not optimal in that sense. But are there other benefits with the master version?

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@Pelle the main structural change is in the base and electronics drawer to accommodate Sangaboard v0.5. There are probably a dozen other small tweaks, most of which are ‘under the hood’ changes that make little outward difference. There are more renders in the instructions. The illumination for upright now works with the LED board, and the workaround with the 5mm LED will now fit properly in both upright and the standard inverted. I don’t remember what else.

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