Sangaboard v0.5 now available

That drawer will not completely fit because it was designed for a board with a shorter header. It is possible to use it, but you would not be able to screw in the Pi, and the Sangaboard would be strained at an angle.

There is a new drawer in the current repository, which has also meant a change in position of one of the fixing screws in the stand. I’ll try to post a link to the current built STLs for both.

Edit: These are the prototype STLs that should fit current versions of the Sandaboard v0.5 with a 11mm header height.

electronics_drawer-pi3_sanga_stack_11mm.stl (576.9 KB)
electronics_drawer-pi4_sanga_stack_11mm.stl (564.2 KB)

The drawers will fit in the microscope stand from the released v7.0.0beta1 if you have already printed that, but one of the mounting screw holes will not match. The slightly modified stand that with the matching mounting holes for the prototype electronics drawers is:
microscope_stand.stl (292.8 KB)