Microscope Server 2.7 and new SD images

Today we’re releasing our Microscope Server v2.7, and some new Raspberry Pi SD images to go alongside.

Server 2.7

To upgrade your microscope to the latest application, please run

sudo ofm update
sudo ofm upgrade

from your microscope shell.


  • Capture thumbnails are now embedded as JPEG EXIF thumbnails
  • Fixed overflow/scrolling layouts in JS client
  • Added pagination to JS client gallery view
  • Added a log viewer tab to JS client

Internal changes

  • Upgraded to LabThings 1.1.2
  • Major reorganisation of JS client components
  • Bug fixes for stage geometry interface
  • Fixed capture link generator when passed a dict
    • This fixes a new issue where the capture-specific action queue would break
  • Added log file downloader as an API view
  • Removed some spammy logging lines
  • Various code formatting and linting improvements

New SD images

You can download our latest SD images from https://openflexure.org/projects/microscope/build