Microscope Server 2.6 and new SD images

Today we’re releasing our Microscope Server v2.6, and some new Raspberry Pi SD images to go alongside.

Server 2.6

To upgrade your microscope to the latest application, please run

sudo ofm update
sudo ofm upgrade

from your microscope shell.


  • Separated fast_autofocus API route from up_down_up_autofocus
  • Reverted default /fast_autofocus API behaviour to simpler fast_autofocus method
    • Our main use case for fast_autofocus on the project is scanning thin blood smear images with a 100x objective. In these cases, the up_down_up_autofocus method has been unreliable. For this release we’re (trialing) reverting to the simpler fast_autofocus. It’s a bit slower (previously ~ 4 seconds, now ~ 6 seconds), but it seems much more reliable.
  • [GUI] Fixed duplicated mini previews in settings
  • Add interface to change stage geometry
  • Added an API route to move while measuring sharpness
  • Major code cleanup
  • Proper PyLint configuration
  • Minor graphical interface layout fixes
  • Upgraded to LabThings 1.1.1
    • Fixes failed ZIP downloads
    • Fixes occasional scan failure

New SD images

You can download our latest SD images from here: https://openflexure.org/projects/microscope/build

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