Microscope Server 2.5 and new SD images

Today we’re releasing our Microscope Server v2.5.0, and some new Raspberry Pi SD images to go alongside.

Server 2.5.0

To upgrade your microscope to the latest application, please run

sudo ofm upgrade

from your microscope shell.


The main changes are an upgrade the the LabThings library powering the server, and the inclusion of a slide scanner tab (designed for IHI) in the interface, without needing an extension.

For more information on the underlying LabThings changes, please see https://github.com/labthings/python-labthings/releases/tag/v1.0.0-beta.1

New SD images

You can download our latest SD images from here: https://openflexure.org/projects/microscope/install

Lite images

We now provide “lite” images, ideal for headless microscopes!

In cases where you’re controlling your microscope from another device over a network, you can use our lite image which provides the microscope server application without a desktop manager and other built-in desktop applications.

You can still use our graphical interface from another device using OpenFlexure Connect.

Camera firmware

Thanks to recent updates to the Raspberry Pi camera firmware, we’ve now removed our “AWB hack” previously required for auto lens-shading to work correctly.