Is this forum still active?

Hi, I just landed and I’m enthusiastic to build but I noticed that there are no posts in any forum this year and I wonder if this has been superceded by something more current, and I’m in the wrong place.

Please let me know, someone.

Many thanks

There are many posts this year. Maybe you are looking at the wrong section?


Thanks for your reply Nico.
I looked in the general area and the most recent post was in 2023.
But - if this is still the curreny place, then that’s OK.
I just didn’t want to spend an age building the “current version” (version 7 I think)
then find it’s far from the current version.


The current released version is v7.0.0-beta1. if you look in the Announcements section there is a thread with bugs and fixes for that version.

I would not usually recommend a development version of a project, but just now there are many improvements that are coming up to release. So I would suggest that you look at the current master build Assembly Instructions. Until 7.0.0-beta2 is released that contains all of the parts bug fixes and improved instructions. Edit 2024-5-17: Beta 2 is now released, so this no longer applies.

Thanks William, I’ll do as you suggested.