Is the included lens tool correct?

My pi camera didn’t come with a lens removal tool. The printed tool included in the pack of STL files for version 7 & 6 both look nothing like the one that comes directly from pishop or other suppliers. I was unable to figure out how to use it as there does not appear to be anything that will grip the lens to unscrew it. Am I missing something? I think I will just find an STL online for something similar to the usual included ones but I thought I would ask incase it might help someone.

Hi @tinkerwith. The lens removal tool is picamera_2_lens_gripper.stl. This is not the name used in the instructions which is confusing. It is linked as workaround lens remover from the bill of materials at the top of the page of instructions on assembling the optics.

The lens tool in your post is the tool for inserting the lens in the condenser, or in the RMS optics module.

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