ImJoy integration

I’ve not written much about ImJoy, but one of the big new features in v2.10.0 is that we introduced an ImJoy tab. It’s turned off by default, but can be enabled with a tick box in the “features” pane of the settings tab. ImJoy ought to be a really nice way to link up the microscope with various machine learning tools, and it’s particularly nice if you want to run processing steps on a computer that isn’t the microscope’s embedded Pi.

I should extend many thanks to Wei Ouyang (don’t think he’s on the forum), @B.Diederich, and @kaspar for helping make this happen. Mostly I’ve just used it for the ImageJ.JS plugin (allowing you to run ImageJ withing the OpenFlexure software, without any installation on the host computer), but there is a lot more that you can do!