Idea WEB interface: measure distances and angles

Need guidance:
I want to implement the feture to measure distances and angles on the Galary or view.

Drawing a line shows the distance in micro meter.
Drawing two lines to measue the angle

How to proceed to implement?

At one point there was a Fiji/ImageJ plugin for the Microscope web interface which would probably do that. I cannot find details just now.

Yes, you can enable the ImJoy integration by going to settings - I think it’s the first sub-page that will let you switch it on.

However, I’m sad to report that it wasn’t working last I checked. It’s not had a lot of use and isn’t automatically tested, so hasn’t been a high priority to maintain. However, I’ll happily try to help anyone who wants to see if it can be fixed!

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The ImJoy integration should let you open up gallery images in ImageJ, embedded within our software. That in turn would let you do what you describe.