Help with kit instructions

Thanks @r.w.bowman and team for sending my microscope kit! I’m new to working with 3d printing and there’s some points it would be helpful to add to the instructions for people like me. Can anyone help with updating/clarifying these issues in documentation?


I’ve also put in two merge requests to clarify documentation:

I also bought a kit. The band insertion tool use is is very clear in the new renders that @j.stirling has posted on thus forum, but they are not in the build instructions yet. The feet are a tight fit, but I found that they would squeeze a little and go in. It is useful that they then don’t fall out.
The LED I got with the kit was all soldered up ready to plug in.

Thanks very much @ewallace and @williamW. We will be reworking the instructions very soon with the lovely rendered diagrams (and to bring them up to date for the next week. We’ll be sure to add in those points when we do, thanks for raising issues; that should make sure we don’t forget about them!

Brilliant, thanks @ewallace. Help with the instructions is always most welcome. Very sorry that your band tool broke. Were you able to get the bands in anyway? If not I can pop another band tool in the post.

With our new documentation system we will be able to make variations of the documentation for different versions of the microscope, and for things like kits. This will hopefully make the instructions more linear, and less like a “Choose your own adventure” book.

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