First prototype of the Field Dissection Microscope is ready to build

Hello everyone

Earlier in the year I started crowd funding to design a new microscope in the OpenFlexure Family. Later in the thread I provided an update with some images from the microscope

The microscope has now reached the stage where it is documented and ready for others to replicate. You can find the complete assembly instructions on GitLab.

Happy microscope building


Very cool.

Very nice work! Great to see you found a fitting optic.

I think all OFM variants could greatly benefit from a data / facts sheet with basic information like size, travel, maximum specimen size, table with magnification, FOV, working distance for the most common optics[*]. Seeing yours for the first time makes this even more obvious to me.

That being said: How much travel does the Z axis have? How much can you adjust the magnification by screwing the lens in and out and how much does that change the working distance?

[*] Yes, I know that all more modular and parametric and can be created in hundreds of variants. Still describing the default configuration give people a good idea what they are looking at.

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This is a good observation. Adding a general specifications sheet would be useful. @WilliamW @r.w.bowman I suppose we should open an issue to do this on the main OFM repo as well.

I don’t have the microscope in front of me as I am away for Christmas. But I would say that there is about 5cm of z travel, and the working distance is about 10cm. I haven’t experimented with the range of magnifications I can get and how this changes the working distance. I have only gone from “mostly unscrewed” to “almost completely unscrewed”

I’ll try to get you some of this data when I get back.

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OK, created Add a data / facts sheets (#335) · Issues · OpenFlexure / openflexure-microscope · GitLab
Yes, this is for the carthesian OFM only but we gotta start somewhere. It will also be easier to copy that to the other variants once we have a final set of values we want to have in there.