First Microscope Build Finished!

My first of 3 microscopes is fully operational and ready to give to my girlfriends 4th grade class.

I saw someone else add an LCD screen to theirs for the IP address, so I stole their idea and added one to mine. The school isn’t going to let me assign a static IP address and it’ll need to be easy for the kids to connect to, this really solves the problem! The Pi runs a python script on startup that shows “connecting…” on the LCD until it gets an IP address.

This one is using a 35mm parfocal lens with the modified optics mount. My next two will use 45mm and the default mount.

I also tweaked the hardware tray to open up one of the holes for the HDMI port because none of the micro HDMI cables I had would connect (they all have too much plastic casing to fit through the hole

So excited to get it up and running! This is definitely the most advanced 3d printing project I’ve done so far.


I do like the implementation of the IP address display.