Fast microscope printing? Prusa i3 Mk4 with input shaping

Hi all,
Has anyone got a Prusa i3 Mk4 with the input shaping firmware? If so have you tried printing a microscope?

For those who don’t know, input shaping is a way to print much faster. Normally the speed it limited by the vibrations of the printer, fast prints tend to have clear “echos” or waves. Input shaping is a clever technique where the vibrations are modelled and the G-code is adapted very slightly to compensate. It can lead to much faster high quality printing.

I have not splashed out on a Mk4, but I have downloaded the profile for Slicer. As far as I can see it should be possible to print:

parts time
All parts for the high-res V7 microscope except the optics module, main body, and stand 4:32
Main body and stand (takes some fun rotating to get it to fit) 9:27
Optics module 0:33
Total 14:32

Factor in some dead time it looks like a microscope could be made in a day. I just worry how the main body will do printing so fast. I can believe that the resonances of the legs are as much of a problem as the resonances of the printer, and so the profile wouldn’t compensate properly. Would be interested to find out.

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I did a first try of just the upright separate z-axis on Friday. It was with the alpha3 firmware and standard input shaping settings. The surface quality on the optics dovetail was lumpy, it seemed to be over a bigger volume than one layer but I have not looked closely yet. It did not look good enough to fit the optics module. I had also used adaptive layer height.
There must be some settings I can try…

At ‘normal’ speed the MK4 is a little quicker, and so far I think it has much better surface than the MK3. Less obvious layering, but that may also be because the Mk3 is not new.

Cool, good to know you have one and are playing with this.

The department just got a Bambu Lab printer which has input shaping too… Just set a main body to print. Should take about 4:30 hours (in their normal speed - one can still go another two steps up speed wise)… can report back with photos when the thing is finished…


looks very nice! Printing other bits and putting another OF together over the ext weeks…



i did print the main body in just under 12 hours using a 0.6 nozzle while using print parameters like “dont cross parameters” which will prolong the print. Printer: Prusa MK3S