Fail micro-usb pwr sangaboard

Order 5 sangaboards to be made, in all of them the data micro USB worked perfectly and I was even able to burn the bootloader, but in two of them the power micro USB didn’t work. When I connect a micro USB cable it doesn’t turn on the board. I would like to know if I can deliver power to it through one of the board’s pins.

Thank you in advance.

Which version of the Sangaboard is it that you have had made? Is it v0.3?

Sip v0.3

Looking at the Gerbers for v0.3 on Kitspace it looks as though there is another power input labelled PWR Pack, near the x-axis motor connector. There are three pins, the two nearest the edge of the board are for power. They seem to be reverse-polarity protected, but intended to be -ve at the edge of the board.

With the micro-USB power connection, have you checked the test points? TP1, TP2 and TP3 should all be ~5V power rails. They are not directly the USB input voltage, there is a fuse and diodes between the input and those test points.

When you get it working, if you are building the Microscope V7.0.0Beta1 there is an electronics drawer designed to fit the Pi and Sangaboard v0.3, which you can find under customisations and alternatives. However there is not a hole in the main microscope stand where the USB data cable needs to go for Sangaboard v0.3. You will need to make a hole somehow.

That’s right, those three terminals (spaced for 2.54mm headers) should accept 0v, 5v, and a “sense” input (can be safely left unconnected). I’m pretty sure I have done exactly the same thing after one or two of my boards had their USB connectors fail.