Delta Stage: problem with the reflection illumination holder

Hello, I can’t find an easy way to remove it without having to disassemble the stage.
The size of the illumination holder (see the yellow line in the figure attached) is bigger than the hole in the main body. Once the size is corrected, it would probably be better to use a couple of little magnets instead of screws for easier access. Please advise.

Getting the illumination in and out is a serious pain and is definitely something we’d like to improve. I think we’d struggle, given the available space and the potentially quite long cantilever, to make something with magnets that’s repeatable enough to mount the whole illuminator. What I’ve wanted to do for ages (but we never found time for) is make an automated filter switcher, such that you can have one or two illumination modules (probably mounted directly to the main body, rather than the optics module) and then just swap the filter cubes in and out. That seems to me to be ideal, and could potentially even be automated with a servo. Unfortunately, we’ve just never had someone with time and inclination to do it…

If you’re keen, I’m very happy to discuss how it might work.

In the meantime, maybe the simplest solution is just to make the hole bigger or the plate smaller - but I’m not totally sure how feasible either of those would be?