Illumination Assembly

Hello - I am attempting to build the illumination assembly but am having significant issues. I purchased a glass convex condenser lens (D13F8H5.8), however it doesn’t want to “snap” into the illumination housing. I have now broken 3 housings because it won’t snap into it.

Perhaps I have the wrong lens? Any hints?

The lens you have is better than the one the mount is designed for! Those are glass lenses, where the lens is actually the diameter stated. The illumination mount is designed for a plastic lens, and for this focal length the plastic lenses come as a smaller diameter actual curved lens part with a flat flange. The gripper in the mount actually grips on the flange. You can see this in the picture of the lens on the Delta stage instructions OpenFlexure Delta Stage. It is not totally clear in those pictures, but that is the best I can find just now.

Thank you! I will order some PMMA lenses and hopefully those will fit.

The filename is a bit misleading, I think the holder is actually designed for 12.7mm, though I’d be a bit surprised if 13mm was so much bigger that it caused it to snap…