Custom ofm for project

hello, I’m currently working on this project in college, there are a few things I want to say,
first, I want to ask about the use of raspi 5 and camera module v3, is it true that it cannot be used in making ofm, because what we have is only that,
second, I use arduino nano because there is no cost to buy a sangaboard, is there a skecth.ino to control stepper motors in arduino nano
third, can we add image processing features to the ofm software that has been published, because in this project the stages that must be passed must be up to image processing disease classification.
Thank you.

Translated with (free version)

The Pi5 and camera module 3 are not supported by the Openflexure software at present. Pi3 and Pi4 and Pi camera v2.1 (also called v2) are the only hardware that will work with the current software v2.10.1.

A complete re-write of the software (to become Openflexure Server v3) is underway that will eventually widen the range of supported hardware.

The sketch is linked from the workaround motor electronics in the instructions
The link takes you to a repository where you will find three files in the sangaboard folder. You need all three files in the same place so that the Arduino IDE can find the .h and .cpp files when it opens sangaboard.ino.

If I may add… you can use imagej (fiji) or qupath on your PC to analyze the images captured using the openflexure microscope. That will be more powerful than analyzing the images on the raspberry pi.

how many infills are used to print the ofm part

Infill is not critical. The instructions say ‘printer default’, I think I use 15%, maybe 20%. It is necessary that you disable supports.

thanks, do you have recommendation link product for microscope objectives

There are several threads on this forum, the main one on sourcing non-printed parts and a few others about objectives.

hi, I’m confused with making electronic parts, when Wire up motor electronics without a Sangaboard, how to mount the motor board and arduino nano Using the nano converter plate and nano converter plate gripper with electronic drawer that printed before, could there be an explanation with pictures or clearer ones, and I saw in some youtube videos that there is a storage under the microscope stand to electrocute the motor driver and arduino nano, is that true?

These instructions are on the Issue list for improvement for the final V7.0.0.

There are some photographs which should help in OpenFlexure Microscope v7.0.0-Alpha is nearing , the top post has the boards attached to the converter plate in the draw. Post 11 has the wiring completed. There is no hole provided for wires to supply power to the motors, I cut a small notch in the side of the electronics draw above the Pi USB/network ports and fit the 5v motor power wire in there.

The two-layer base that you have seen may be the base for the Microscope V6.1.5, which is very different from the base for V7.0

Thanks, and what is the function of nano converter plate gripper

The gripper holds the Nano on the plate. Use a self tapping screw in the hole in the plate at the back of the Nano position.