Broken Urls on Gitlab OpenFlexure

I decided to look into how to build a microscope.

Landed on this page

All the urls are broken - is this a known problem?
If so, where can i find the plans for the printed parts?


Looks like this is the correct place to find the files for the printed parts.

@progtesting I am not so familiar with the flat-top version of the microscope. There is a recent thread on the forum from others making it: Flat Top Microscope | IIBM UC | Chile.

The second link you have is for the main microscope in an older version. The current version is linked from the web site at and is version 7.0.0-beta1 This will not have the parts for the flat-top version.

Looking at the links in the flat-top thread, the Gitlab page links to the instructions you have, with the broken links for STLs. However the Gitlab page also has a link to the STLs called ‘the CI artefacts’. That link has a builds folder containing the STLs for 3D printed parts and the DXF for the laser cut parts.