Editable CAD files

I was trying to find the editable cad files for the different microscope parts. Are they available somewhere?
Thank you

Everything for the OpenFlexure designs is on GitLab OpenFlexure. The CAD design is done in OpenSCAD and the source files for the microscope are at https://gitlab.com/openflexure/openflexure-microscope/-/tree/master/openscad. Be sure to read the Readme as it is a large project and many libraries of modules brought together to make each part. This can make it hard to understand at first, but makes it easier to keep everything up to date and compatible.
The master branch is the current development version of all of the files, so just now relates more to the upcoming version 7.0 than to the released version 6.1.5. Source code for individual releases are at Releases · OpenFlexure / openflexure-microscope