Lost links on the site

Some links on the site are not valid. I met 3-4 of those but right now can give a link only to one page.
https://build.openflexure.org/openflexure-delta-stage/v1.0.0/models/gears.stl didn’t exist. Its motherpage is OpenFlexure Delta Stage

I noticed this too. From downloading the openflexure-delta-stage gitlab project it seems the gears for the delta stage are the same as on the microscope project: https://build.openflexure.org/openflexure-microscope/v6.1.5/gears.stl
Should be safe to print those. If you download the project, the microscope project is in there as well as a submodule.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but it wouldn’t be too hard to replace the gears (except maybe for the fact you have to glue the bolt in there).

The gears will be the same for both.


Thanks for flagging! The links should be fixed in the latest patch release: v1.0.1. Let us know if there are any other issues

Hey Samuel,
I discovered the project a week ago and have been trying to navigate the documentation but there are a lot of pages not linked properly if you look for the non printed parts first.

Most links from the menu available from the optics components are dead :

For example :

You can however go back to the main menu and everything is back to normal.


Thanks for flagging! I’m not sure why they’re behaving like that (looks like a relative vs absolute path error), but it seems like it’s still possible to follow the instructions for now by using the back button.

Those standard microscope instructions are currently having a big rewrite with the same new documentation writing system as the Delta Stage, so they should be a lot better soon!


Fantastic !
Yes it is a weird behaviour. It is definitely possible to navigate through this issue.