Zipping bigger files for download on OF connect

Whole slide scanning at max resolution results in bigger data. The OF connect has the max capability to auto-download upto 1gb at a time (zipped) .Can this capacity be enhanced or any workaround to download bigger data through multiple zip files.

Hi @Muralig1984 is this using the “download zip” button in the interface? I’m actually not sure what sets the limitation here - but I’m fairly sure it’s retrieving the images individually and zipping them within the client, which is not ideal for very big downloads!

Personally, I usually use scp to pull files over between the microscope and my computer - I have set up public key authentication so I don’t need a password, and they come over un-zipped so it’s less faff.

There ought to be some tutorials on how to do this online, and if you find a good one please link to it here :slight_smile: The files are stored in /var/openflexure/data/micrographs/ on the Pi. You can SSH in to the Pi and see them, if you need to check the file/folder names before running an SCP command. There are also various graphical SCP interfaces if you prefer to transfer your files without command line hacking!

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