Out of storage space

all of the sudden the microscope stopped working. The 14GB card got full even though I deleted all the images on the card. Deleted the trashcan, run some sudo erase commands I found online. The card still showed all storage used. I decided to reformat and start fresh. Working again like a charm…thought I should just report

Deleting things should free up space :thinking:

I did also have a problem when I stored lots of images to the main Pi SD card and filled it up. The microscope scan seemed to stop sensibly, but all sorts of things on the Pi were then really slow or appeared not to work. I did get it freed up by sudo deleting lots of images. The Pi seemed OK, but ofm connect still would not work and I had to reinstall that. (ofm update, ofm upgrade).

I think we learn that the main Pi SD card is not the place for lots of data that may get near to its capacity. The operating system clearly needs some space to write to in order to work.

I have now got an external HDD. This is not without its problems as mine takes too much power and shuts down Sangaboard. A powered USB hub is on the way.

It may be a good idea to use an external SSD. I have a powered one. But, how do you change the storage directory?

There is a storage item on the left in the Connect interface. Picture of an SD card I think, I have not got my microscope open.

I think I just did it. There is a new file directory on the capture storage path when you connect the USB drive.

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