Y-Z axis motors

The above motors are running fine in one direction, however when movement in the opposite direction is attempted, they get stuck for a few steps and then show some erratic movement. Sometimes they dont move at all and just hear the motors crying. I have checked it with the bare motors also(without gears) with the same results. However if u try to help the motor by slightly twisting the gear/shaft manually ,it moves. I have reloaded sketch numerous times.
Is it the problem with the motors itself or something else?
Do I need to replace the motors?

If the motors turn one way, then something is right. As they don’t the other way even when not fitted to the microscope, then it is not because a linkage is stuck. The direction of movememt is given by a sequence if pulses on the four data lines from the arduino to the motor drivers. I cannot think of a way that having the connections in the wrong order would give motion in one direction but just a back and forth jiggle in the other direction. It is worth checking the wiring.
You only mention Y and Z axes. Is X fine? If it is then swapping the x motor to the y channel and y motor to x channel will tell you whether it is the motor or the driving circuit.

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Yes the X axis motor is fine.Now I interchanged the x and z ,the z axis motor becomes very obedient…it’s working perfect…but the other motor doesn’t…so as a follow up…I replaced the z axis motor driver…but it still has the same problem…

Is it then the nano?

Is it then similar to Y axis movement not smooth ? That turned out to be one of the output pins on the nano.

Sorry…for the delayed response. Was occupied in the COVID duties.
I switched the pins of X and Y motors on the nano too. But the results are same. The nano also seems fine. I have reprinted all the gears and tried with them also, but with same results.
What Should be my next step?
Is there a proper technique to screw in the gears to the body of the microscope?
Or may be the power supply? I am using 9v-3A charger connected to a MB102 Bread Board power supply module ( 3.3V and 5V ) having a Maximum output current of <700ma

Hi Muralig1984,
Is your problem solved?
If no, do you use an original nano, or a clone.
I have tried 2 clones, and both doen’t work properly.
I have tested that with a simple sketch to lighten leds on and off with the motorpins that not worked properly.
Maybe somting to try

Thanks @jvm for the interest…

I did two things and I don’t know which one worked or may be both
1)I separated the power supply of each motor…means the leads of each motor not in contiguous fashion on the same breadboard…instead I fixed at multiple points on the power supply module
2)The software part- The coordinates were reset to Zero

Before this the Y axis motor was moving only in one direction…may be there is some algorithm which allows movement in a single direction after some threshold coordinates…

And ofcourse,the power supply would have been insufficient…

After solving this problem…now the problem is of focussing everytime I change the slide…there is no fixed or range of coordinates on the Z-axis at which we can focus clearly. One needs to struggle to find out the Z coordinates everytime the slide is changed. There is no reference points to initiate focussing.Is there any help on this?
Thanks in advance

Hi Muralig 1984,
With the focus on z-axis I can’t help you. Not enough experience.