Using openflexure blockly

Hello OFM community. I am playing with blockly in an attempt to automate some steps. Is there a way to call in the plugins? For example, I have the “background detect” plugin on and want to use it on something like this… Is it possible?. Thanks

I think it would need a block writing for the plugin. Conceptually it would be very possible, but I expect it would be beyond me.

But I totally agree that blocky is a great way of scripting that kind of process.

It’s really complicated to make something simple. but very simple to make something complicated.

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Yes, at the moment we only have blocks for the basic functions - in principle we could auto generated blocks for everything, but that would be a slightly terrifying collection of blocks! It would be good to do that at some point though, particularly if we can organise it well so that the nicely curated ones Samuel made to start with are the blocks that new users find first!