Upgrade Guide -common parts marker

I stared with a Low-Cost OFM and want to upgrade to HigRes or Upright
There are several requests what is needed in the forum.
I want to share an Idea here:
Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a matrix which parts stays the same or have to be added or to be replaced?
Markers to identify common parts in the descriptions?


Each build does have a bill of materials (BOM) which can be downloaded in .csv format, so it should be relatively simple to do a comparison table (I have just downloaded one and there is a bug somewhere that makes it a tab-delimited file rather than comma separated). The issue would be that the bill of materials can change with any update to the designs. This is a major reason behind the development of Gitbuilding as a platform for documentation, it keeps the bill of materials up to date for each build automatically. I am not sure how hard it would be to create the combined table automatically to keep it up to date.

It in theory would be possible for GitBuilding to calculate this. But it would take some new features. It’s a bit harder for the printed parts due to how it is currently implemented, but still possible.

I suppose once we have the partlist for the upgrade, people will want rendered instructions for the upgrade. This probably isn’t too hard as it likely involves using the same renders for the assembly. Probably by doing this we could actually generate the differing parts.

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