Switching from low to high res


How easy is to switch from a low res using PI cam lens to objective? DOes it require the reprint of the main body part or just the additional parts?

thank you

If you use a microscope objective designed for a 160mm tube length then the only difference is in the optics module.
If you use an infinity corrected objective then the optics module is longer and you will need the taller version of the microscope stand (the optics module for infinity corrected objectives and the tall stand are both in the customisations and alternatives pages). The body, illumination, actuators etc are all the same.

Just a note here, as for the recent thread from @Yashka, the v7.0.0-beta1 released version is behind on a number of recent improvements. There are some actual bugs, noted in the release thread Openflexure Microscope V7.0.0-beta1 released. Particularly the lens spacer for low cost optics is wrong in v7.0.0-beta1, and there have been major changes in the electronics drawer and microscope stand to accommodate the motor controller Sangaboard v0.5 which was not originally envisaged for v7.0.0.

We do not have a ‘daily build’ link. Currently Assembly Instructions (openflexure.gitlab.io) will give the latest parts and instructions, but it will only be available for five days from now (a week after it was created).

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Thank you William
My plan is to first print the main body and use the Raspberry Pi camera module for optics until the slow boats from China will bring the objective.
Then, when I get the objective, I intend to reprint only the smaller parts and reuse the body.
Is there a list of which files I should wait 5 days for before printing? If that would be available I would print the other ones which I expect to take several days anyway. I will not use a Sanga board but discreet controllers if that is still possible in this version.

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I meant that the link works now, but will not work after 5 days. It has all of the files for the different versions.


I printed the main body in ABS and it took about 26 hours. It came out just fine or at least I thought so.

After poking around trying to understand what is the purpose of the structure I realized that one of the legs was delaminated. Since it was ABS I fixed that with some ABS dissolved in acetone.

Later when cutting the ties that held one leg another part delaminated but I was also able to fix it. I want to run the print through an acetone vapor phase to improve the definition. Even before that it looks a little better than most of the pictures of other prints I found on-line.

I also printed most of the small parts including the lens spacer pi cam which I took from the previous version.

I followed the threads that mentioned some more bugs. I printed all parts except for

While reading the forums there seem to be an issue with he condenser but it’s not clear if that is because of the lid or the board spacer so I held off printing those.

Shall I print them or a corrected version is in the making and I should hold off until then?

Thank you,

@adrian the condenser lid issue is only a problem when using a 5mm LED work around.
For the LED PCB it is fine. There is an updated version, I shall need to check where it is posted.

Hi Will,

I don’t have the PCB for the new LED and I want to try with the 5 mm LED. Is the new version ready?


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The STL for the modified lid is given in the post Openflexure Microscope V7.0.0-beta1 released - post 2.