Stack and scan issues

picamerax.exc.PiCameraMMALError: Failed to set parameter 65561 to 200: Argument is invalid

Have been trying to scan,but getting this error.

That mentions picamerax, so looks as though it is part of the capture or focus in the scan.
Have you checked that fast autofocus works on its own? And that you can capture a single image in the resolution that you are using in the scan?

That’s very strange. Are you using an OpenFlexure SD image? This sort of thing is often related to version management issues…

The issue got resolved after so many restarts.Everything became nonresponsive (auto focussing as well as XY movements) @WilliamW after this error message.I tried to autocalibrate the stage with cam many times,but failed.Luckily after one of restarts this got corrected.

I am using the Openflexure SD image,and completely updated @r.w.bowman

There is one more issue I need some clarifications on. When the microscope is opened both locally(R pi) as well as remotely (desktop windows version) ,is there a concept of master /slave? which one overrides what? Right now I can operate on both of them simultaneously…there may be some conflicts arising becos of this ?

The clients request actions by the server, and all clients are equal.
When an action has started the server is locked until the action is complete, so it cannot respond to two requests simultaneously which avoids conflicts. So it is quite possible to run two clients at the same time, but practically it needs to be the same person using both so that you don’t get confused by the microscope moving under the command of one client when you were about to take a picture with the other client.

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This sort of intermittent problem is very tricky to debug; I have had a look at the code and I think 65561 corresponds to 2^16 + 25, which is the code for the JPEG Q factor. The Q factor should be between 0 and 100, I think - and there is a setting to change this from the interface IIRC. Could you check it’s not set to an invalid number? If you have logs from the captures that failed, that would also be useful…