Square version VS. Delta version

Hello to all makers!
I’m from France, and I looking to start this amaizing project.

But I don’t really understand wich is the difference between the 2 versions (square and delta).
wich version is the best?
For wich use?


Have same question) main didderence is the field of work, right? 2mm regular vs 12mm delta

The square version is currently the one that is fully documented. It is more intuitive because the three actuators are independent, giving x, y and focus (z). You can use it by hand, or motorised.

The delta stage requires at least two of the actuators to move to get motion in one axis. For example focus (z) is all actuators moving the same amount. This is less intuitive and not really possible without motors.

Both have the same optics and basically the same performance. The delta does not actually move the optics, which is better for complicated or heavy systems.

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Ok, thank you for your reply.
It’s the same difference like cartesian or delta 3d printer.
Is it that?

Yes, that is the same geometric change.

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Ok many thanx for your help, I’m trying to print the first one, The square version will be more versatile for me I think.

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You can always print a Delta later if you change your mind. The lenses, camera, motor, Pi etc are all the same, so you would not be starting from scratch.