Rotate display in server

I am making a bit of progress on the field dissection microscope. Based on the best way to run the ribbon cable the image on the screen is 180 degree rotated from the object in reality. Which seeing as you are moving it by hand, it is pretty confusing.

Is there a way to adjust this setting in the UI (I really need to upgrade) or if not is there a way I can modify the settings by hand?

ping @r.w.bowman?

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I don’t think there is a setting in our software, but I’m pretty sure you can tell the camera to flip the image when you set it up. If you edit the PiCameraStreamer class, that’s where the PiCamera object gets initialised, so that would bodge it in for now. If you’re using raspistill/raspivid and friends, I think there’s a command line flag to flip the image.

I I do the streamer class will that also do the live preview on the microscope itself? Focussing by hand it is important to have the live preview

I’m fairly sure PiCamera.hflip and .vflip apply to both the stream and the live preview - flipping happens quite early in the camera’s ISP. I’m assuming here that you’re using the current release, i.e. picamera v1 (though I suspect picamera2 has similar behaviour).

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