Questions on Mounting Nano Conversion Plate

I am confused by the mounting of the nano conversion plate in the electronics drawer because it seems like there is not enough space to to power my led with the raspberry pi pins because they are covered. Also where does should the ribbon cable go when using the conversion plate.

Any images of a completed electronics drawer with the nano conversion plate would be appreciated.

Hi @Nico. I think the nano converter plate should give just enough space below for wiring the LED to the Raspberry Pi pins. You could also use the 5V and GND pins on the Nano to power the LED instead. I have not got mine to hand, so I can’t see exactly what I did. The motors will need a separate 5V power supply as they can take too much current.

The ribbon cable for the camera needs to be connected to the Pi before the nano plate is put on, then it just runs underneath the plate.

I had another look at this wiring. There is space below the nano converter plate, but nowhere near enough for a standard Dupont connector - they are remarkably tall. I have lent the microscope I have with the nano-workaround to someone else, so I cannot check exactly what I did on that one, but I expect it was to use the 5V from the Nano pins.

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