Quality checks on printed parts

Ages ago, I put together a couple of images to help with quality checks on the printed parts (mostly the main body). They’re preserved on Flickr:
We could do with a better list of quality checks - updated for v7 and with a few more checks based on our experience in the last 6 years (!).

I think with the possible exception of (6), all those quality checks are still relevant. That said, you’d need to cut the ties in order to perform checks 2 and 3. @j.stirling I think the two you mentioned were checks 4 and 7, but there will definitely be more.


When you say 6, is that the first 6 or the second 6 or the third 6? As the image seems to use the non-standard 12346676 counting system!

ah yes, the old 12346676 system. That would be the third 6, known by linear thinkers as 8.


It would be a small miracle if I could find the source files for that - I suppose it’s just possible they exist in the git history, and at least the document is dated…

As I think most of this was drawn over the top manually I think the way forward is to use the rendering library we already have for the instructions and to quickly remake some of these.

We can use Inkscape to automatically add extra annotations like we do for the push arrows on the lens insertion.

I have started a merge request with the OpenSCAD for Check 1:

It produces this image that should be easy to annotate:


nice :slight_smile: