Pi temperature warning


I have the “full version” microscope assembled with the main stage, botton case for the Pi and another case below it with the motor controllers.

When I use Open Flexure eV for some time(about 10 minutes of intensive usage with movements and so on) I got a temperature warning(the thermometer symbol filled with red for a half).

Any ideas? When I push my finger in the place between the objective mount and the Pi it feels warm.

Perhaps a cooling solution is need here like a small fan? Or am I the only one with this problem?

I am living in Germany and actually the room temperature is about 20 degrees. I think when using this microscope in a hot country like one in Africa they would drive into the same or even worse issues.



What is the PI version of your board ?
Do you have any kind of heat sinks on your PI ? if not it should be a good passive solution before any active cooling.

I didn’t notice any temperature issue with my PI2 or PI3 but I add on both heat sinks. I say that but may be I didnt pay attention because I uselly use the OFM over network.

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Hello @Gris74,

thanks for the fast reply.

I am using the latest PI version 4b without heat sinks. Thats a good idea, I will look for heat sinks, thank you!


@Florian-HH indeed it will be a good idea even more inevitable with PI version 4 and its basic temperature issue.

And sorry but I am using PI3 and 4…

I use Pi3 with heat sinks and see a temp icon sometimes. CPU temp according to Raspian is 65C. I may add a fan.

I think a Pi4 really needs heatsinks. When we move to v0.4 of the Sangaboard (which should have the option to be a PiHat!) we may really need to start thinking about airflow.