Openflexure for knife sharpening

Hi, I like sharpening knives but I got no reliable way to check the direct effect of different sharpening methods. Is there any way that I could use the openflexure microscope to check my blades ? I’m not falmiliar with the world of microscope but it seem to me from the picture that the object being observed must be translucid… Anyway, it’s a great project. Would be fun if you could put videos of it in action. Thanks !


Sounds like it is not well suited for that. There is another thread though that mentions at least one alternative that might work for you though. Good luck! Looking at bigger, non-transparent objects](Looking at bigger, non-transparent objects)

The fly-pi seem interesting for what I want to do. the part of the knife I want to look at is about 250 microns width so I don’t think the dissection microscope would do the job since there is no magnification system. The openflexure seem to be a really nice project with all the openscad files available if I want to customize things. Is there any way that I could look at the edge of my knife with a different lighting system. Stabilizing the knife could be possible using neodyme magnets. Thanks :slight_smile:
Edit : I’ve looked at the fly-pi and the electronic is to complex for me. Arduino and Pi, I know since I’ve been making my own 3d printer but I want to solder as less as possible. Steppers and drivers are cheap and the arduino connexion are straight-forward with openflexure. Since I’m a noob with microscope my question is : Is there a way to provide correct the lighting for a non-transparent object like a knife assuming it is stabilized ? Thanks again,


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That looks like a good image.

Hi had to light it from underneath with a small led tool. Not optimal… Working on a better solution.

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