Multiple part .stl files (gears, tools)

I’ve had problems printing the actuator assembly tools. The short flatish tool keeps failing. Also one of my small gears lifted a little so is a bit misshapen.
I would like to print a single small gear and the individual tool, but am struggling to split the parts in the .stl files. If anyone has individual stl. files they could share that would be really helpful (or some advice on how to do this in FreeCAD).

In the Prusa slicer you can chop of parts of a print when placing items on the bed before the slicing step. I don’t know if that is easy in other slicers.

Most slicers have a “split part” button you can use to break up the part into the individual disconnected bodies that can be moved individually.

If you can’t do this, let us know and I’ll use PrusaSlicer to break off the files you need.

Thanks, it seems it it possible with with the Cura slicer but requires the mesh extension.