Monochrome Camera Option

I’m trying to use the transmitted light version of the Delta stage to make a rig that measures blood vessel diameter. The problem is – I need a monochrome camera to make the diameter tracing software work. Does anyone know of a camera option that’s not color? Thanks!!

The only camera that currently works in the Openflexure software is the Pi camera v2.1, which is of course colour. This will all being well change in a new revision of the software, but that is not here yet.

Is there something in your image processing pipeline that means that you are not able simply to make a grey scale conversion of the colour images from the camera? Are you wanting to have a camera integrated into the software dedicated to your application, rather than the camera being integrated into the microscope control?

Thanks for the response! There is indeed something in the pipeline since it uses the grey scale image to measure wall thickness in real time. But now that you mention it, I might be better off integrating a different on-chip camera…the software is on an imageJ backbone and can use any camera that µManager can talk to. I will try this instead. Thanks!

That will work if you don’t need to use the Openflexure autofocus. You would also not get the lens shading correcting, but that is less obvious in monochrome unless you tile images.

I think that the picamerax routine that Openflexure uses has a way of setting the video stream to monochrome with color_effects