Malaria Microscopy Slides

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a portable microscope for malaria detection. I am looking to source some already strained malaria microscopy slides. Do you know where can I get them. I reside in Ireland, so anywhere from Europe should be fine. Many thanks in advance.


There have been no replies here. I cannot point you to a source of prepared slides, but the Openflexure Microscope does have the ability to image blood smears and parasites clearly. For example in Robotic microscopy for everyone: the OpenFlexure Microscope ( fig. 2a.

Someone in this lab might me able to help you as they also made portable microscopes for malaria detection:

I am also interested in and looking for malaria stained slides.
If you find some, let me know, I’ll do the same !

Thanks for the suggestions. I found a few sources for purchasing malaria slides.