Initial Z axis possition

Next newbie question :slight_smile:
I just load the software, with some dependency problems, but i can controll the iluminator and the motors.
The calibration seems to do something, but hard to say what.
The main question is what should be initial position of Z axies, and maybe X and Y.
Currently the objective is above the sample level, so it’s not good i think.
I would like to know, how min/max of all the axes movements is calculated. There is no end stop switches, maybe some current measurement?
Looking for similarity to cnc machines, which goes to min/max of X,Y,Z to determine max movments.
Thank you in advance

There are no sensors on the microscope. The central position of the stage is when the nut hole in the actuator internal columns and actuator outer casings are aligned. There are something like 70000 steps each way from there.

Move the actuators until each axis is centred, the press the zero button. The current position in steps is in non-volatile memory on the motor controller so it will remember where you are between sessions.

You also say you installed the software with some dependency problems. What were they? The Raspbian Openflexure SD card should have everything already configured.

Thank you for an explanation.
I had a problem with installing sangboard v5 according to Filip Ayazi / Sangaboard Extension · GitLab
There ware dependency problems during installing pip install -U platformio
Anyway it seems to be working, except quite hot the motors,but maybe it’s ok.
The first picture of a drop of the water from my garden. The little guy in the middle is alive :slight_smile:

and algae from my fish tank

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Nice photos. The platformio installation method is not yet in the main release and does have a few things to iron out.

The camera lens shading table calibration seems to have worked correctly. Were you talking about that or the camera stage mapping calibration in your first post? The mapping lets you click-to-move, the stage knows how many steps to move to get the pixel that you click on into the centre of the frame.

I made stage mapping and click2move works fine. Thank you for your support. The microscope is amazing.
Now need to learn how to prepare samples :slight_smile:

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