Indestructible body -BUT DONT TRY THIS AT HOME-

Based of other recent posts I decided to try some new flex PLA filament I have to test the body. It took a while to dial in my printer to avoid stringing and getting the bridges right. I had to print really slow at about 15mm/sec which took 15 hours to print this microscope body.

The stage moves fine but probably too loose and may experience some backlash when I install it. I will assemble it this week and see how it performs.

More importantly is indestructible! see my crash test:



Now you should combine the videos with the soundtrack, irish version ;- )


Follow up on this experiment. The body fully printed on flex PLA was impossible to assemble. The screws and nuts difficult to fit into the holes and too wabbly.
So I tried a hybrid approach combining the flex pla only for the bottom flexure (white) and regular pla (blue)

The backlash is terrible and impossible to work with.

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