Image resolution

what is the difference of “full resolution” and “resize capture”?. Lets say I want to acquire 2560x1440 (4MP) images. Do I need to enable full resolution and the resize? or just resize only?


I don’t have a microscope running to test this here. But if I check the code, the way I read it is:

  • Full Resolution: Decides which “port” of camera to use, this will set the resolution based on the configuration
  • Resize capture: resizes the image.
  • There seems to be no logic that changes the port if the resize dimensions are higher than standard video resolution

So I think that for the (4MP) image you would need full resolution turned on. However, I can’t be certain.

I have opened an issue about this so we can look into it and improve the UI. As we have lost out main software dev this may not get looked at as fast as we would like. Thanks for raising this.

Thanks. I will experiment