Real resolution of the microscope with Raspberry Pi camera

In case anyone wonder which resolution can you get with the Pi camera + Lens (without any microscope objetive) here is a photo of a calibration rule.


Very nice. The focus is less good towards the edges than I expect. Is the slide tilted - does the focus go from one end to the other as you change z? or is it difficult to get a clean focus at the edges (I would not expect that)?


isn’t is just spherical aberration? That’s why getting a good objective lens setup is so important for high resolution. Also keep in mind the Pi camera is probably expecting a subject distance of metres so not optimised for closeups.

In the OpenFlexure microscope the Pi Camera lens is reversed and placed further from the camera so that it is operating close to the way it was designed but the object and image are swapped. Basic optics module (
There will be some aberrations, but I would not expect them to be that pronounced.

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Seems to be spherical aberration, the lens its clean so probably what we see it’s spherical aberration.