Stream Resolution Options


I’ve recently completed my first build of an openflexure microscope. Currently it uses the pi v2 camera as the optics, while I wait on some parts to arrive.

When connected to the OpenFlexure app, I only have 2 streaming options in terms of resolution :
Normal (640, 480)
Higher (832, 624)

Are those the only two expected? They seem a little low as a maximum resolution.
When I capture an image, and select full resolution, I get the full 3280x2464. My understanding is the v2 camera should be capable of 1920x1080x30fps, so I’m confused as to the low resolution on the live view.

The live view is limited to those resolutions by the rate at which we can send and display the MJPEG stream. The camera can do better, but then we’re not able to send it over the network (I think limited by the processing power on the Pi).

In theory it’s possible to have a faster, higher-resolution preview if you are running on the Pi directly - but in practice this GPU-accelerated preview window causes a pile of issues, and may well be removed in future versions.

It should be possible to capture at 1920x1080x30fps on the Pi, just not to stream it. It may also be that the Pi 4 is capable of doing better, so perhaps we should add another option. If you can raise an issue on the software repository (Issues · OpenFlexure / openflexure-microscope-server · GitLab), that will remind me next time I’m doing some software dev.