Gitter integration

I enabled the chat plugin but I can’t set up the integration because I am not an admin on the Gitter room. I suspect either @r.w.bowman or @j.stirling are? Can one of you do it? Here are the instructions:

Done. I have it for first post and all replies for the Announcements, General, Request help, and Contributions topics. I don’t think site feedback needs to get through to Gitter. I like that gitter puts integration traffic in its own pane. Much nicer than some platforms (like slack) where the integration stuff just floods the chat window.

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Ah, easier to miss that way though. I normally keep that sidebar collapsed.

True, It is a trade off, do you remember when Joel put the GitHub integration into the LabThings Riot and it sent 50 messages a day that came through as full fledged messages?

Someone has enabled google calendars on a Slack I am in and it sends me provate messaged that trigger full notifications to tell me that my Google calendar is empty every day, because I don’t use google calendar. I can’t block the bot, and it seems to be on for all or off for all.

Striking a balance between being visible and not being annoying is hard. Slack seems to have solved this by not caring about being annoying.

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I added you as an admin as it’s useful anyway - though I guess this is now done…

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