FENS Open Hardware Summit

This week over 8,000 neuroscientists will be taking over Paris for the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies conference. The Friday before, OpenFlexure were invited to the Instituit Pasteur to share their work along with UC2, Lemolish and a few other open source microscope projects. Organised by @amchagas and Maxime Zimmerman (please let me know if he’s on the forum), we had the chance to share our designs, ideas and direction for making microscopy more accessible.

We made contacts with international educators, researchers, maker spaces and engineers, and hopefully we can add some of them to our community soon. We also had the chance to work with @B.Diederich and UC2, printing an adaptor to assemble an OpenFlexure / UC2 hybrid (better name coming soon). You can see details of the OpenFlexure version of the UC2 project here

Thanks to Andre and Maxime for organising it, and looking forward to seeing what can come out of the new connections!


OFM on tour