OpenFlexureCon 2022

Dear All,
I’m delighted to say that we will hold a workshop on the OpenFlexure Project in Bath this July. We’ve booked a venue from lunchtime on Monday 11th July until lunchtime on Wednesday 13th July. It would be lovely to finally meet as many members of the community as are able to make it.

More details and live stream here:

I am enormously excited to bring together some of the community for the first time in person! I hope we’ll do roughly equal parts of celebrating what we have achieved together, documenting the progress we’ve made and the impact we’ve had, and discussing what we will do in the future.

All the best,



A few folk mentioned the survey above was down yesterday. I think this was a short outage for planned maintenance, and it’s back up again. Any more issues, please do shout :slight_smile:

Well, this seems like a giant leap. Have you finalized the date?

(the survey site seems to be down again today)

Ah, what a pain. If it doesn’t come back soon, I might need to find an alternative form hosting platform :frowning:

I’ve been using Works pretty good and is really easy to build the forms

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It did come back - not sure when, but it’s been up every time I’ve checked the last couple of days :slight_smile:

Nice thing about surveystack is that if it goes wrong we can shout at Greg :slight_smile:

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Indeed, I’ll definitely look at it next time I think of using Google forms! I guess for storing personal details I’d need to check where the server is and what exactly I’m required to do under whatever data protection rules may or may not have been copied and pasted into UK law after Brexit…

All packed and ready to go!



See you soon!

How to attend this remotely? is there a link for live viewing?

Unfortunately there is no livestream, but some of the talks will be recorded and put up.

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Our plan is to record the talks tomorrow, and possibly shoot some video of the various demos. The discussion sessions won’t come out well in a video, but I have summarised everything so far in the dedicated forum category; please do continue the discussion there!

With many apologies for how long this has taken, we now have some recordings and write-ups on the webiste:

Huge thanks go to Juli for writing the articles about what people are doing with the microscope - and if you are interested in contributing one about what you’re doing, please get in touch :slight_smile:

This isn’t all the material from July, but it is most of the recorded talks.