Create zip is not working for scans

I am trying to download a set of scan images and when I click create zip it just endlessly shows a loading bar, despite restarting the pi several times. Using the developer mode for the app I found this message being created and submitted:

[“a11db1c4-1a9c-4ad4-be19-dfab32a3648a”, “363d3acd-6ea8-4eae-ad84-0b5ec17a9dcc”, “5e6944da-3f78-4fe4-b47a-71e7e5b04b28”, “08860ab4-b6fa-47c5-b52f-f58e820feebb”, “1ce0975a-9ba1-4140-baa8-1b7762ce4cd7”, “cb9e51e3-5011-4d0d-a79a-9345da32c7e8”, “fda84ec2-7457-4712-b941-5ff30bf938fe”, “53746ce4-97c6-4ddb-b456-d8d4316d12bb”, “93243e02-2c12-4811-be65-f169d5619805”, “78b194e9-b48c-47b8-99df-20d7028447d1”, “ae6adf80-f623-46b4-8f93-f9fdb22c42e3”, “f1e860bc-1a9e-491b-9547-0a8093416c75”, “c88eb19e-d0f5-40a9-a748-1e70205d3cac”, “53c02c13-7784-4b82-b3d3-2d0fa4407aad”, “3507024f-f167-42dd-911a-b3482774070e”, “ea9e93ea-8be9-43c4-b34a-c00482e0f2cb”, “cfabe499-c6d6-4446-87d4-7d05b2b881da”, “4ec83390-debf-44c8-b7bd-0a5dc3fe090f”, “079cea97-d1d7-4954-9307-194ac8752856”, “abced00b-be86-40ac-b9ce-fe9a67d2f1ba”, “8abbc866-fd0d-4ef9-95e1-4852d0c79cf9”, “5022da2b-d48b-4d9b-af77-39879fc5f09c”, “a3e00836-22af-49a5-bee6-dea05f211841”, “51538287-0804-40b7-9395-ec41d8807fdd”, “3d9233bd-28c8-4cd2-8ed8-65128ca8542e”]
Submitting to

If I download a single image it works fine, in that case the loading bar disappeared almost immediately and showed “downloading” and a percentage. the developer mode showed this successful response in the console:
Submitting to
taskSubmitter.vue:151 Task ID: 31daf048-3a07-4f81-9374-543589b98ba0
taskSubmitter.vue:197 success
taskSubmitter.vue:164 Emitting onResponse: {data: {…}, links: {…}, id: “31daf048-3a07-4f81-9374-543589b98ba0”, progress: “0”, end_time: “2020-10-11T19:33:58.371603”, …}
taskSubmitter.vue:177 Cleaning up after task.
zipDownloader.vue:161 {data: {…}, status: 200, statusText: “OK”, headers: {…}, config: {…}, …}

I used ofm serve to see if there was an error message but nothing appeared.

Any idea why this is happening and what I can do to debug it further?

Interesting. I’ll try and reproduce this in the coming week and see what I can find. Thanks for the report!

Update: I’ve created an issue just to ensure this doesn’t get missed off my eventual todo list.

I did a bit more testing and it doesn’t happen for scans with 16 images or less, so it might be a timeout issue

I’ve released a new beta that should fix this issue. Please see Microscope server 2.6.0 beta 1


That is amazing, thanks for fixing it so quickly, I will test it over the weekend.

I also wanted to recommend a change to the naming format for the stacked images. ICE expects it in a particular order when you specify a structured panorama and the naming requires padding so that the file order is correct.

I have no problem implementing it and doing a pull request, but I would like to discuss it with you first. Would it be better to post it as an issue here or on github?


We actually JUST added in an interface for changing the scan naming scheme. Microsoft ICE format would be a brilliant addition to this list. Happy to discuss, but equally happy to accept a merge request and just work on that until we’re both happy with it.

I tested it and it is working perfectly now. Also the numbering option with padding you introduced is exactly what is required for being able to do a structured panorama in ICE. Great minds think alike :smiley: Thanks again for your help, this is a great project!


The update including this has now been released: Microscope Server 2.6 and new SD images