Build a motorized telescope with the same hardware?

I don’t know much about optics so I don’t know if we can use the same lens for a telescope, but it seems we can use the same hardware to build a pan tilt base.

Of course we will need new 3D printed parts, has anyone try anything like this?

In general, telescope lenses tend to need to have a bigger aperture and longer focal length than microscope ones - the 50mm achromat can be used to take quite zoomed-in images of things that are a few metres (or a few hundred metres) away, but there are better options available for a telescope.

I’d be curious how well a telescope based on a flexure mount could work - I think the issue is likely to be load capacity - the microscope is moving a very light object (the microscope slide), if you wanted to shift a whole telescope around, you’d need a stronger mechanism. You could just move the sensor rather than the whole scope; that would work, but obviously it limits the range of motion considerably.