Background detect help

Hello OFM team. I successfully installed the background detect extension but I am missing the way to enable it on the scan capture screen. Am I missing anything?


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Edit: Hidden my response as it’s a different question, but not deleted so the following posts make sense in context


Hi Daniel

Did all the steps in the instructions work for you? It sounds like the box starting with ‘cd’ might not have worked?


Hi Joe. Thanks for the reply. Does smart scan do the same as background detect?
Now I have both extensions installed

But I vaguely remember that Richard mentioned there must be an option here to “enable” the background detect?


Sorry Daniel, I linked you to the wrong thing :man_facepalming: the smart stack is something different, the background detect isn’t currently part of scans, but we’ll be adding it soon. Currently it just lets you set a background image, set the parameters, and see whether the current image is foreground or background



No worries. Eagerly waiting for the background detect upgrade.