Slidescan instructions

Need more information about slidescan…like an instruction manual…which direction is it going to scan and for what distance?
Does slidescan have any dependencies on the “Navigate” tab?
Can we change the number of steps in slidescan or is it fixed?

The new update is working well…except for the focus…it’s losing somewhere in the middle of the slidescan

Hi there! If you want to do a scan with custom parameters, it’s best to use the menu in the Capture tab. The slidescan interface is mostly an internal tool for our work with IHI in Tanzania. It assumes a really specific configuration.

If you have any questions about the Capture tab, let me know. The options should be labelled there.

Thanks Joel@ jc2450.
By the way I am using a high resolution optic module.
The above queries hold good even for “capture” option. .
What is the role of Z steps while defining step size and also number of steps during stack and scan?.
Everytime it tries to autofocus during stack and scan ,it keeps deviating from the mean value,and after some steps, the pictures totally lose clarity.

I have tried reducing the Z steps,but the results are same.

For example if I have 3 X steps,3 Y steps,and 5 Z steps…will the no of pics captured be 3x3x5=45 images?or

If I need to stack and scan the whole slide ,how many steps would it translate to ,considering the default step size of 2050 and 1500(approx).(tissue section approx 1cm x 1cm)

What direction will the slide be scanned,so as to correctly position the xy coordinates of the first image to be captured?
Please forgive my technical knowledge.