Automated image capture - delta stage

I am trying to do an image capture on the delta stage every 30 min for 24h. Is there a softwere compatible with delta stage able to do that or do I need to build one myself?
Thanks for all the help!

You can access all of the microscope functions using the Python or Matlab Programming clients . For just capturing timed images they are overkill and can take a bit of setting up.

For simple things like you mention the Blockly client is the one that I use as then I don’t need to remember how to get Python right. Details of the Blockly client are also on the Programming clients page. You can run it online, or you can download and run from your computer, or you can even run it from within the microscope software. There are blocks for image capture and focusing, as well as moving. I have not used it with the Delta geometry, I think @samuelmcdermott designed it to work with either type of stage.
One minor issue is that Blockly seems to have a 600 second limit on the time delay, so you either get more images than you want or you have to do a loop over the number of 10mins that you want. Also note that there are no real timer functions, just a wait, so the time between captures is the wait time plus any time taken to focus and capture the image. There is a thread on here somewhere about that.

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As an alternative code-free option with simple setup you can try the scripting extension .
An example scripting extension script would be

image video_port=0
move 200 0 0
delay 1
image video_port=0
move -200 0 0
delay 1800
image video_port=0
delay 1800
image video_port=0

It doesn’t support loops, as I tried to make it easy to use for non-programmers, so using one of the programming clients linked by William will be better if you have coding experience.